Michelle has presented locally and nationally on a variety of areas dealing with special education. She has conducted break – out sessions and given keynote presentations. Please contact her for your specific needs.

Basics of ADHD

Defining ADHD, supports, educational accommodations…

How to Tell Your Story

How can you better advocate for your child in the community? The short definition of your child’s disability, the information needed at the doctors and then at school so that you are prepared when asked those questions.

Understanding the ETR/IEP Process

Understanding the basics of this process help you to be a better member of the IEP team.

Engaging with Your School without Getting Married

How can you become more of a partner with the school district? There are several steps to making this approach easier for you.

Accommodations/Modifications in the Education Setting

Understanding the many different accommodations for a student and when and how to modify they curriculum.

Creating a Vision for Your Child

We all have goals and dreams for our children and sometimes the vision needs to change but we still need to have those goals!

Transitioning Out of High School

Start the process in middle school for a successful transition at the end of high school. Backwards planning is key!